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4 day Tantra Yoga Retreat
(Peloponnese, GREECE)

a Men-only Retreat​

August 31 - September 3, 2023

4 days / 3 nights

from € 655

Instructions in English

Skiaxtro Eco Farm
24400 Marathopoli

(Yoga Retreats for Men with Nireas)


Experience 4 days of pure Tantra Yoga for men only  :

  • Asanas, Yoga postures to strengthen the body
  • Pranayama, energy channeling through breath control
  • Bandhas, Kriyas, Kumbhaka, tantric techniques to moderate the sexual energy
  • Active meditation, to achieve a trans meditative state of mind
  • Body contact, practices to experience the tantric art of senses

A retreat based on Integral Yoga. A physical and spiritual journey. A stay for you to practice yoga as part of tantra, to find yourself, face your own emotions and fears, as well as to relax and enjoy serenity, peace and harmony.

The day will start with morning guided meditation followed by dynamic Asanas, Pranayama, and the Tantric techniques of Kumbhaka, Bandhas, and Kriyas.

In the evening, you will practice Hatha and Yin Yoga, and active and tantric meditations, in order to guide you to a state of transcendence; a rendez-vous with yourself to meet and face your emotions and fears.

Body contact practices are  included in the program, as well as partner and naked yoga.

There will be ample time to enjoy the rocky beach and the surrounding area.

The day will end with a talking circle (Satsang) and guided meditation.

The benefits of this retreat are to strengthen and stretch the body, to experience a healthy self, physically and mentally, to feel the sublimation of the sexual energy (Kundalini), to discover and overcome fears, obsessions or past traumas, as well as to reach a completely relaxed and meditative state of mind in one of the most amazing places of Messinia.

The retreat will start around 2pm (arriving around noon) and finish around 2pm on the last day (departure around 4pm).


  • 4 days / 3 nights of Yoga, Meditation and Tantric practices
  • 2 Yoga sessions daily
  • Partner and naked yoga sessions
  • Body contact practices
  • 2 homemade delicious vegetarian meals daily
  • 3 nights accommodation
4 days with instruction in English

The organizer also speaks : French, German, Greek, Spanish
Maximum participants in the group : 12



Yoga conquered me after a journey of self-awareness in India.

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"Skiaxtro Eco Farm"

Skiaxtro is an olive grove Eco Farm mixed with pine trees, orchard and vegetable garden, located only 180 meters to the sea, 500 meters to the village of Marathopoli, on the western coast of Messinia, Peloponnese (GREECE). Many sights and beaches can be reached within a 30 minute drive. Equipped with 4 bell tents (canvas tents) Skiaxtro Eco Farm can accommodate up to 12 people (3 or 4 person per tent), however there is ample space for anyone who wishes to attend the retreat and prefers to stay in his own private tent. Under the shade of pine trees, a huge wooden Yoga deck (72 sqm.) stands there for your daily practice.

Reach the Eco Farm from Kalamata international airport (KLX) in 60 minutes drive or from Athens international airport (ATH) in 3 hours.


Homemade vegetarian brunch and dinner using local ingredients.

Possibility to adapt to your special diet (please, contact me before arrival).

THINGS TO DO (optional)

What to do during free time :

  • Chill out in the venue
  • Explore the area
  • Go to the rocky beach
  • Enjoy a Tantric Massage


  • Tantric massage
  • Massage and Healing
  • Wine tasting in a local wine grove
  • Restaurants


  • All practices during the retreat
  • Yoga mats (feel free to bring your own)
  • Vegetarian brunch and dinner
  • 3 nights accommodation


  • Flights, Transport from/to airport
  • Excursions in the area
  • Tickets for archaeological sites
  • Restaurants
  • Taxis, Bus tickets, car rental
  • Accommodation outside the retreats dates


Recommended Airport : Kalamata International Airport (KLX)

Arrival by airplane

Besides Kalamata International Airport (KLX), other Airports can also be used to reach the retreat, combining car rental, buses and/or taxis, such as Athens International Airport (ATH) or Araxos (GPA)

Arrival by bus
There is no direct bus connection to the retreat.

Arrival by bus from Kalamata International Airport (KLX) or Kalamata City :
From Kalamata International Airport (KLX) or Kalamata City, take the bus to Pylos. From Pylos take the bus to Gargaliani.​ Ask the bus driver, if possible, to get off at Marathopoli (5 minutes walk from Skiaxtro Eco Farm), if not, Nireas will be more than glad to pick you up from Gargaliani Station.​​

Arrival by bus from Athens International Airport (ATH) or from Athens City :
From Athens International Airport (ATH), take the express bus X93 to Athens Main Bus Station (KTEL-Kifissos). From KTEL-Kifissos take the Express Bus to Gargaliani (KTEL-Messinias). Ask the bus driver, if possible to get off at Marathopoli (5 minutes walk from Skiaxtro Eco Farm), if not, Nireas will be more than glad to pick you up from Gargaliani Station.​​

Rent a car

By renting a car from the Airport of your arrival you will reach the retreat place much faster and you will always be independent.


Arrival : Thursday August 31, 2023 (retreat starts at 2pm)

Departure : Sunday September 3, 2023 (end of the retreat around 2pm)

4 days / 3 nights

max participants: 12 people

There is the possibility to arrive the day before and leave the day after if necessary with an extra cost. Please contact me to arrange. 


From 655 € (course & accommodation included) :

price per person :

  • Shared bell tent : € 655
  • Bell tent for 1 person : € 777
  • Bring your own tent (1 or 2 person) : € 655 (per person)

A booking requires a refundable deposit of € 200.

All prices are per person and includes meals, accommodation and all practices for 4 days and 3 nights. Bathrooms, toilets and showers and living area are shared. Any Bell Tent is equipped with electricity (lights and sockets) and thick anatomical single mattresses. Bed linen and towels are also included.

Should you need extra privacy, allow yourself to bring your own tent. Please contact me for more information.


  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 31 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid the day of arrival

Om Shanti

Tel : +33 7 68 28 78 08


Should you have questions or do you want to book a place for the retreat, feel free to call or message me, or  contact me here bellow :