This retreat is cancelled !

due to the wild fires in the area of Messinia, the Retreat Place, the farm, got damaged as many other fields and farms around.

I apologize and thank you for your understanding; mayor priority now is, people to save their own properties from the fire.

Please feel free to follow me on the social medias or on my own page for upcoming retreats : #NireasYoga

Om Shanti 🙏



4 Days Tantra Yoga Retreat for Men

4 Jours Tantra Yoga pour Hommes (lire en français)

​2 -  5 September 2021

4 days / 3 nights

from € 537

Skiaxtro Eco Farm
Epar.Od. Filiatron-Korifasiou
244 00 Marathopoli

The Retreat

Experience 4 days of pure Tantra Yoga for men only, consisting of :

  • Asanas (Yoga postures to strengthen the body)
  • Pranayama (energy moderation through breath control)
  • Bandhas and Kriyas (tantric techniques to awake the sexual energy known as Kundalini Shakti)
  • active meditations (to achieve a trans meditative state of mind)
  • full body contact practices to experience the tantric art of senses

While strengthening the body and relieving the mind, we activate and elevate the energy through our energy centres (Chakras). Not seeking for psychic powers (Siddhis), nor occult sex but just sexual energy (Kundalini Shakti) as The mean towards spirituality.

Tantra says  : "whether you are a sensualist or a spiritualist, atheist or theist, straight or gay, either strong or weak, rich or poor, there is a path for you which you have to discover".

Come and discover your path !

Discovering Shakti and Shiva, Yin and Yang, Male and Female within


  • 4 days of yoga practices
  • Morning and evening meditation sessions
  • Partner and naked yoga sessions
  • Daily sessions of active meditation
  • Full body energy contact practices
  • Tantric massage (optional - one free private session per person)
  • 2 homemade delicious vegetarian meals daily
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Airport transfers

4 days with instruction in English

The organizer also speaks: French, German, Greek, Spanish

Maximum participants in the group : 12

Airport transfer included from Kalamata International Airport


During these four days, you will be guided by Nireas, a master yoga teacher, into the ancient tantric techniques. You will be given full instructions on practices as well as question and answer sessions (Satsang) to deepen your understanding and knowledge of Tantra yoga.

The day will start with morning guided meditation followed by a two-hour practice of Asanas in a dynamic manner to awake the body and keep it fit, and in a static manner to build up physical and mental strength.

You will practice Pranayama and the tantric techniques of Kumbhaka, Bandhas, and Kriyas, techniques to withhold and sublime the sexual energy (Kundalini Shakti) into higher chakras. Additionally, in the two-hour evening class, you will guided into active meditation in order to help you reach a state of transcendence.

Four- and two-hands full body energy contact is included in the daily program in order for you to discover and/or experience how to not waste but to boost instead your energy into higher levels.

Partner and naked yoga will also be practiced during these days.

Between the two yoga sessions there will be ample time to enjoy the amazing rocky beach of Marathopoli and the wonderful local neighboring, or surrender to a private tantric massage session.

Your benefits of this four-day experience are to strengthen and stretch your body, discover and feel the Shakti within, open your horizons and reach a completely relaxed and meditative state of mind in one of the most amazing places, south of Greece has to offer.

Tantra is the combination of two Sanskrit words : TANoti or expansion and TRAyati or liberation, hence Tantra is the method to expand the mind and liberate the dormant potential energy.

No sexual activity will be encouraged during this retreat.


  • 06:00 - 06:30 Meditation
  • 07:00 - 09:00 Yoga class
  • 09:30 - 10:30 Brunch
  • 10:30 - 13:00 Free time for beach, relax or private tantric massage session
  • 13:00 - 16:00 Practices of four- and two-hand full body energy contact
  • 16:00 - 17:00 Free time for beach or relax
  • 17:00 - 19:00 Yoga class and active meditation
  • 19:30 - 20:30 Dinner
  • 20:30 - 21:00 Satsang & guided meditation



Yoga conquered Nireas after a journey of self-awareness in India.

Find more about Nireas here


Marathopoli - Picturesque seaside village with beautiful beaches

Marathópoli is one of the most beautiful corners of Messinia. The village is famous for its fish tavernas and romantic sunsets. Around Marathopolis you will find beautiful sandy beaches such as Lagouvardos beach, Mati (Koa beach) and Voidokoilia.

Other points of interest around Marathopoli :

  • Methoni castle
  • Voidokoilia beach
  • Ancient palace of King Nestor
  • Polilimnio waterfalls
  • Town of Pylos and castle
  • Lagoon of Gialova


find Skiaxtro Eco Farm

Skiaxtro is an olive grove Eco Farm mixed with pine trees, orchard and vegetable garden, located only 180 meters to the sea, 500 meters to the village of Marathopoli, on the western coast of Messinia, Peloponnese (GREECE). Many sights and beaches can be reached within a 30 minute drive.

Equipped with 4 tentipi (canvas tents) Skiaxtro Eco Farm can accommodate up to 16 people (4 person per tent), however there is ample space for anyone who wishes to attend the retreat and prefers to stay in his own private tent.

Under the shade of pine trees, a huge wooden Yoga deck (72 sqm.) stands there for your daily practice.

Reach the Eco Farm from Kalamata international airport in 45 minutes or from Athens airport in 3 hours.


Homemade vegetarian brunch and dinner.

All the ingredients for the meals are from the Skiachtro Eco Farm and local producers. The food is made only with olive oil which comes from local olive trees.

​Should you require a special diet, please contact Nireas before arrival

​What's included

  • Airport Transfer from/to Kalamata International Airport (KLX)

  • Around 5 hours yoga program per day

  • 2 yoga classes daily

  • Daily meditation classes

  • 3 nights accommodation

  • Brunch and dinner buffet (vegetarian) 

What's not included​

  • Flights

  • Car rental

  • Tickets for archaeological sites

  • Restaurants

  • Tantric massages
  • Yoga mats

Other supplement activities​

  • Tantric massage at the retreat place by a male professional during the free time (35 EUR)
  • Massage at the retreat place by a professional during the free time (40 EUR)
  • Wine tasting in a local wine grove (approximately 20 EUR per person)
  • Restaurants

How to get there​

  • Arrival by bus from Kalamata International Airport (KLX)
    Transfer included; Please contact Nireas your trip schedule
  • Arrival by bus from Athens International Airport (ATH)
    From Athens International Airport (ATH), take the express bus X93 to Athens Main Bus Station (KTEL-Kifissos), roughly costs 6 EUR.​
    From KTEL-Kifissos take the Express Bus to Gargaliani (KTEL-Messinias), which costs 22€ - 30€ one way (around 4 hours trip). Ask the bus driver, if possible to let you out at Marathopoli (5 minuts walk from Skiaxtro Eco Farm), if not, Nireas will be more than glad to pick you up from Gargaliani Station.​​
  • Rent a car
    By renting a car from Athens or Kalamata Airport you will arrive much faster at the retreat place and you will always be independent.

Prices per person

  • Shared Tent (Tentipi to share with max 4 people) : € 537

  • Bring your own tent (1 person) : € 537

  • Bring your own tent (2 persons) : € 1074

​Cancellation Policy

​Any booking requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.

Deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 30 days prior retreat's starting date.

Remain fees to be paid on arrival.



Should you have questions or do you want to book a place for the retreat, feel free to contact me here bellow