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Online Classes

for private classes
(Meet, Zoom, Skype, Viber etc)

During the classes, instructions are given for the Asanas and the used tantric techniques of Kumbhaka, Bandhas and Mudras. If you are a beginner or do not know these techniques, feel free to adapt the classes to your own flexibility, strength and knowledge.

Live Yoga Classes

Intermediate level in English and French

Yoga Class

Yoga classes in English
Intermediate level

Yoga Videos

Yoga Videos and Techniques

Fees for online classes


90-minute group class


10 sessions

10 group classes of 90-minute, subscription valid for three months


Annual subscription

one class per week



unlimited participation, possibility to pay in 3 checks


Private Lessons

a private session of 60 minutes


Private Lessons 10 sessions

10 private sessions of 60 minutes


The most important thing is to respect our body and our limits and have a good time.

A very beautiful smile 😁

Om Shanti 🙏