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Online Classes

online sessions through Google Meet, WhatApp, Viber, Skype etc.

4 sessions ¹ ²

group classes in direct


10 sessions ¹

group classes in direct


Annual subscription

one class per week



unlimited participation


3 private sessions ³

60 minutes private online session


¹ 90 minutes session
² subscription valid for six months
³ 60 minutes session

Video classes on YouTube

Find below short recorded sessions (30-45mins) on my YouTube channel

During the classes, instructions are given for the Asanas and the used tantric techniques of Kumbhaka, Bandhas and Mudras. If you are a beginner or do not know these techniques, feel free to adapt the classes to your own flexibility, strength and knowledge.

The most important thing is to respect our body and our limits and have a good time