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Yoga Retreat

8 days Detox and Yoga Immersion

​with Nireas


8 days Detox and Yoga Immersion

This retreat gives a full eight-day immersion into Integral Yoga, including a three days detox based on traditional Hatha Yoga.

There will be around five hours of practical classes each day, giving each attendee enough free time to fully explore the beautiful local surroundings.

Classes will include Asanas (yoga poses), Pranayamas (breathing techniques), Kriyas (purification techniques), Yoga Nidra (deep meditations).

This retreat will include full instructions on practices as well as question and answer sessions in the evening to deepen your understanding and knowledge of traditional yoga.

The detox consists of daily purification of the internal body (Shatkarmas or Kriyas) and a deep intestine cleansing known as Shanka Prakshalana, which will be followed by a three-day special diet. The Shankapraksalana starts on the day 3.

Yoga Teacher : Nireas (www.NireasYoga.eu - #NireasYoga)
Organiser : Pure Bliss Retreats (www.purebliss-retreats.com)


Integral Yoga focuses on physical, mental and spiritual development, and caters to people at any/all levels. In this retreat, we will focus on:

◇ Kriyas : ancient techniques for cleansing internal organs

◇ Asanas : dynamic and static sequential exercises/postures to improve the strength and flexibility

◇ Pranayama : breathing techniques to increase the lung capacity

◇ Mudras/Bandhas : exercises and methods to sublimate the energy and awaken the Kundalini

◇ Pratyahara/Dharana : relaxation of body in order to achieve full concentration during meditation

◇ Elements of Tantra, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra (meditation technique of a sleep-like state of mind) will also be practised during this retreat!


The detox consists of daily purification of the internal body (Shatkarmas or Kriyas) and a deep intestine cleansing known as Shanka Prakshalana which will be followed by three day special diet.

In this retreat we will practice the following Kriyas:

◇ Jala Neti : purifying the nasal passages using water
◇ Kunjal : purifying the stomach and the upper digestive tract
◇ Nauli Kriya : a technique for abdominal massage
◇ Shanka Prakshalana : thoroughly purify the whole digestive system by drinking lukewarm, slightly-salted water and practising five stretching asanas (poses).

Shatkarmas means Six Actions representing methods of daily deep cleansing | [shat=six] [karmas=actions]


In this retreat you will discover and experience the ancient techniques of yoga guided by a master teacher.

During this 8 days you will be guided into ancient tantric techniques of sublimation of energy through breathing exercises and activating energy locks in the body.

We will practice Hatha Yoga Asanas (postures) in a dynamic manner to build up endurance and flexibility in order to attain (or maintain !) a fit body. We will also practice Hatha Yoga Asanas in a static manner to build up physical and mental strength.

We will experience different meditation techniques based on Yoga Nidra, in order to discover and overcome our fears, obsessions or past traumas but also to reach a completely relaxed and meditative state of mind.

We will completely purify our body from anything toxic we ingested over the past – including stressful situations.

After the retreat you will be energized, regenerated, aligned, fit and relaxed.


8am – 9am : Shatkarmas - cleaning techniques

9am – 10am : Asana / Pranayama

10am30 – 11am30 : Breakfast

11am30 : Trekking or outdoor activities

1pm – 2pm : Lunch

2pm - 5pm : Free Time / Outdoor Activities

5pm – 6pm30 : Yoga Asana

6pm 30 – 7pm30 : Meditation

7pm 30 – 8pm30 : Dinner

9pm 30 : Free Time / Relax



Yoga conquered Nireas after a journey of self-awareness in India.

Born in Greece, he left the country at his 17 to study IT in Germany. Very soon (he was 21) he discovered his love and ability to teach; from modern latin dances to Greek as a foreign language and computer applications, Nireas was travelling, learning and sharing knowledge.

It was only in 2011 when he quit his job in Cyprus as a 3D-product Designer and –following a friend’s advise– he discovered India and the ancient science of Yoga. From that moment he became conscious of what he wanted to do; nothing but practising, learning and spreading the knowledge of yoga.

After having collected self-experience(*) by attending yoga, and meditation courses and TTC’s (Yoga Teacher Training Courses), Integral Yoga captivated his interest and attention because of the way it combines self-development with spiritual upliftment.

Nireas is a highly sought after instructor and has taught numerous courses, workshops ans TTC's in India, Greece, France, UK. He speaks fluent English, French, German, Spanish and Greek.

(2018) 900 hours TTC, The Yoga Institute, Mumbai
(2015) 4 months Yogic Studies, Bihar School of Yoga, Munger
(2013) 6 months Yoga and meditation throughout India
(2011) 200 hours TTC, Association for Yoga and Meditation, Rishikesh
(2011) 4 weeks Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Ashram, Kerala


Ibiza is a unique destination for a detox and yoga retreat :
A paradise of crystalline waters, a preserved nature of
Great beauty, and healing vibrations.

Called Isla Blanca or Isla Magica, Ibiza is known around
the world for its particularity. It is home to electromagnetic
waves conducive to well-being, development of Self, and
hollistic care.

An ideal setting to do good while enjoying multiple
activities, outdoors, and throughout the year.



◇ YOGA NIDRA : Yoga of lucid sleep.
Practised while lying down, it uses the techniques of concentration / meditation / contemplation, in order to consciously access the subconscious representations taken up by sophrology and hypnosis. Yoga Nidra or yoga lucid sleep is a method of relaxation accessible to all bringing benefits from the first session. Difficulty sleeping or relaxing are current problems that can be mitigated through Yoga Nidra. Regularly practised, Yoga Nidra regenerates and allows you to reconnect with yourself.

◇ YIN YOGA : Detox yoga.
Yin Yoga offers a "gentle detox" focused on cleaning the internal organs to release accumulated toxins and acts on the meridians of the liver and gall bladder, the organs linked to the spring. Combined with breathing exercises, this practice provides real physical, emotional and energetic cleansing, perfect for this transition period from winter to spring.

◇ PRANAYAMA : Breathing techniques to accelerate the metabolism, harmonize the body and reduce stress

◇ MEDITATION : Various meditation techniques to calm the mind

◇ TREKKING or sports walking : palliative jogging (running), avoids joint damage and impact at the level blood circulation, endurance, resistance, heart, musculature, well being.

◇ WATER ACTIVITIES : Paddle board / kayak

Sa Talaia
Bassa, Comta

Hippies Markets
Old town of Ibiza
Sunsets in magic locations

Free time and nice excursions to discover the beauty of the magic island.


It is an all-raw vegetable diet, consisting of fruits and vegetables, vegetable juice-sprouted seeds and oilseeds such as almonds, walnuts, etc… We attach importance to freshness and raw quality.
On the one hand because the nutrients for the cells are fully preserved.

However, for the digestive comfort of everyone, cooked vegetables will be integrated into the plate every day.

Each meal will be made as a starter of a glass of vegetable juice followed by a dish of vegetables cooked in a healthy way.


The stay is about 7 nights, in double rooms to share, in a beautiful villa surrounding by wild nature in the north of the island close by the charming village of San juan and beautiful beaches.

The villa has a shala yoga with a woody desk and a big pool.


◇ The price per person is 1300€ in shared- room.
It includes accommodation, on-site group transportation, meals and snacks, group activities.

◇ Number of places limited to 16 people.

◇ Excluding rates: Airplane, airport taxes, massages, holistic care, food supplements.


◇ Elsa Pehe - 0033 6 65 56 05 78

◇ Nireas - 0033 7 68 28 78 08